Sometimes it pays to step away from the desk or library you’ve been chained to all year and treat yo’self to a phresh new change of scenery. Or at least a skinny cap and a choc chip biccy. So we’ve tirelessly sifted through the countless cafe strips in our foodie city and sussed out the eight best cafes to bust out your laptop and get down to business in in Melbourne.

Mr Tulk (CBD)

Mr Tulk is in prime location for all RMIT and Melbourne University students, as well as the scores of corporates making their mills in the CBD. Not only is the cafe named after the State Library’s first ever librarian, Augustus Tulk, but its coffee sure packs a punch. The cafe itself is super spacious and there are tables a plenty for students and workers alike, but let’s not beat around the bush—yes, there’s wifi.

1000 £ Bend (CBD)

Not only is it one of the CBD’s most unique eateries, but 1000 £ Bend has some of the comfiest couches in Melbourne—a big tick for all workspace hunters. Aside from the wifi, a big bonus is also their breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, which include classic faves like smashed avo, toasted sangas and hearty burgs. But wait, there’s more—coffees are $2.50 a pop. *Drops mic*.

Auction Rooms (North Melbourne)

One of the best wife-enabled cafes to hit mid-morning on a weekday is North Melbourne’s Auction Rooms, partly because it’s near impossible to get a table on the weekend, but also because there are countless Macbook Pro-sized tables just begging to be worked at. We highly recommend accompanying a couple of hours of touch typing with a cup of Small Batch coffee and one of their amazing breakfast boards.

Seven Seeds (Carlton)

Seven Seeds is a particularly good hotspot for smashing out some on-location work or study because the venue itself is a fan favourite for Melbourne Uni students who flock there in droves to buckle down on some exam prep. Not only is the vibe extremely conducive to studying, but the coffee is incredible and the ham hock benedict waffles are a great reason to spend the whole day there.

The Baker’s Wife (Camberwell)

Though it’s short of wifi, Camberwell’s resident brunch oasis is the perfect place to drag the books during the week. The Baker’s Wife has a sprawling interior dining space and a well-heated courtyard, there’s always a free seat for a lone laptop warrior and their latte.

Naughty Boy (Carlton)

Home to some of Melbourne’s freakiest freakshakes (and a reliable free wifi connection), Carlton’s Naughty Boy cafe makes our shortlist for a number of reasons. These include its relaxed atmosphere, superb decor (hello exposed bricks), comprehensive beverage menu (if you’re someone who feels pressured to buy something every half an hour) and also a fantastic food menu (if you’re someone who pressures themselves to eat something every half an hour).

Pillar Of Salt (Richmond)

Richmond’s Pillar Of Salt is another Melbourne cafe sans-wifi, however their calm atmosphere, well-heated courtyard, stellar freshly squeezed orange juice and close proximity to public transport make it a hotspot for eastside work professionals. Like North Melbourne’s Auction Rooms, these guys also stock Small Batch coffee so don’t forgot grab a flat white (or three) while you’re there.

Hobba Prahan

If you like some stunning warehouse-style aesthetic with your afternoon hour of power, Prahan’s Hobba should be at the top of your list. Set in an expansive rustic commercial space on Malvern Road, this southside breakfast institution sets the bar for out-of-office offices. We highly recommend settling down in one of their private booths with a glass of Healthy Hawksburnian juice, connecting to their free wifi and sinking your teeth into a delicious pastry from the front counter.


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