WHY wait on someone to travel with you when you can just do it on your own? Wing Kuang spoke to two international students who made the decision to travel alone and the benefits they got from it. 

Students love to travel but many don’t want to do so on their own. International students are certainly no different, yet one could also say that they would be more well acclimated to it.

After all, studying overseas is no different from travelling to a foreign country alone: you’re still sorting out accomodation, learning how to get around and making the most out of the city by knowing where to visit for certain needs.

Of course, having to go through that experience all over again on your own isn’t what all students are looking for, yet that doesn’t stop a fair few from embarking on trips of their own.

In travelling on their own, these students relate the experience of travelling along as one of personal growth and haven’t regretted the decision to do so.

In 2016, University of Melbourne student Ivy Sheng bought a ticket to New Zealand. Ivy had previously visited the country three years prior with her parents but this time wanted to take in the beauty of the country all on her own.


Making your own adventure 

As international students, we move to a new country in pursuit of a good education but also for a new life. The decision to study overseas already is a big step for any international student and presents an opportunity to grow and mature. Traveling alone offers that same benefit to develop too, except without the stress and rigour of passing exams or completing essays.

So why wait on your friends if you want to go on a new adventure and explore the world? Start consulting travel agents, talk to experienced travellers and see what you can do to make your own trip alone possible.

As Louise puts it, “As long as you can study abroad on your own, why can’t you travel alone?”.


Source: www.meldmagazine.com.au


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