Confused about what to do in Melbourne in winter? Winter surely drops temperature, but fires up the city with lots of exciting activities and fun. Here we’ve come up with the list of top ten things to do if you’re visiting Melbourne in winter.
  • Relax At A Hot Springs Spa
  • Watch An AFL Game
  • Shop At The Winter Night Market
  • Watch Fireworks At The Docklands
  • Try Skiing & Snowboarding
  • Chill At Pubs With Fireplaces
  • View The Masterpieces At NGV
  • Enjoy Ice Skating’
  • Explore The Open House
  • Participate In The Hot Chocolate Festival
  • Enjoy At The Melbourne International Jazz Festival

1. Relax In A Hot Springs Spa

This is one of the most popular Melbourne attractions in winter. The Hot Springs are located in Fingal, Victoria. It is around 2 hours from Melbourne. You can drive to the springs. It’s quite amazing that they provide hot natural healing mineral water up to 60-degree Celsius. You can have amazing bathing experience provided by the spa centers which are located by these hot springs. It is one of the best things to do in Melbourne during winter. You could also go camping near Melbourne for a peaceful retreat in nature. Where: Fingal, Victoria.

2. Watch An AFL Game

This is undoubtedly one of the most fun winter activities in Melbourne. It’s among the most popular events in Australia. Melbourne goes crazy for AFL during the winter season. The game, weather, and stadium collectively gives a mesmerizing experience. One should visit the Melbourne Cricket ground which is huge and gives an awesome view of the game. Do watch a game here! Where: MCG

3. Shop At The Winter Night Market

Almost everyone will suggest you spend your Wednesday nights surrounded by awesome food and enthralling music at Queen Victoria Market. Queen Victoria Market usually hosts over 30 foods and drink stalls and about 50 specialty stores. There are performers performing too and live music every Wednesday which is held between 5 PM -10 PM. Stay here for a night, and you will not get bored for a minute. You’ll have the company of an incredible selection of food stalls, music all night, and occasional art performances. When: June to August, Wednesday nights

4. Watch Fireworks At The Docklands

This will make your trip to Melbourne in winter 2021 all the more exciting. Every Friday night throughout winter, one can see amazing fireworks which are scheduled from 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM. This is an experience enjoyed equally by both locals and tourists. Not only the fireworks but one can enjoy exciting live music and food which is near Melbourne’s city center. The fireworks display usually starts at 7:30 PM. It is also one of the things to enjoy in Melbourne in winter for free. When: June to August, 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM, every Friday

5. Try Skiing & Snowboarding

here is no dearth of adventurous activities in Melbourne. Winter is unquestionably the best time to ski and snowboard. Melbourne receives its fair share of snow during the winter season. Fields like Mount Buller, Falls Creek, and Mount Hotham are great and most recommended for skiers and snowboarders to hit. Mount Baw Baw and Mount Buffalo are other places if you want to head there. Not only these are great spots to enjoy these Melbourne winter activities but one can also enjoy beautiful scenic views. When: June to August Where: Mount Buller, Falls Creek

6. Chill At Pubs With Fireplaces

If you are wondering what to do in Melbourne during winter, then chilling at a pub might interest you. Everyone is aware of the world-class pub culture of Melbourne and how it keeps showcasing upcoming restaurant bars. Winter in Melbourne can be really harsh sometimes, but don’t worry because the city has awesome pubs with fireplaces to warm up. Have a hearty meal to please your taste buds at the cozy places in Melbourne. Head with your family and friends for a delightful evening.

7. View The Masterpieces At NGV

The Melbourne Winter Masterpieces is a very popular series held over 100 days in Melbourne. World class exhibits are displayed, sourced from various galleries and institutions all around the globe. These exhibits are displayed at Melbourne Museum, National Gallery of Victoria and Australian Centre. This event is known to attract good numbers of national & international visitors and create significant economic impact and exposure for the state. This is an event that one should not miss. When: June to October Where: National Gallery of Victoria and Australian Centre for the Moving Image

8. Enjoy Ice Skating

Ice skating arenas here in Melbourne are winter wonderlands. You’ll feel the liveliness during winter skating season that runs from 1 June – 17 July in the heart of Melbourne. It is one of the best things to do in Melbourne with kids. So without giving a second thought, move out of your comfort zone and hit the skating arenas. It is definitely the best experience in the winter season. Also, this is the best time to enjoy ice skating in Melbourne. When: June & July Where: River Rink Fed Square Cost: $20

9. Explore The Open House

This is a very cool event because the event like this does not happen in other countries. Usually, at the end of July, this event is held where Open House Melbourne lets you visit and explore the places that are otherwise closed to the public. These places include the Parliament House, Synagogue, Town Hall, the underground Russell Place substation and around 200 other buildings. When: July end

10. Participate In The Hot Chocolate Festival

Just think, it’s winter and there’s a festival entirely dedicated to serving you hot chocolate. Great Ocean Road and the Yarra Valley hosts the event ‘The Chocolateries’ which spans over a month in August. You will have enough choices and you can try different varieties here. Indulge in chocolate in Melbourne in winter. Who said no to hot chocolate ever anyway! When: August 1st – August 31st Cost: Free

11. Enjoy At The Melbourne International Jazz Festival

First held in Melbourne in the year 1998, today the festival has become an annual event. This jazz music festival is held in the winter months in Melbourne. If you are spending winter in Melbourne in 2021 then you can enjoy this jazz festival. It would be held in the beginning of June. This is a vibrant festival which takes place across the streets of Melbourne other than the concert halls and jazz clubs. The festival makes the winter season in Melbourne quite entertaining and amusing for tourist and locals alike. Dates: 31 May – 9 June   Start exploring Melbourne in winter! Melba has a plethora of things and activities to offer one and you better start preparing for it now, and do not forget to carry your winter clothes in Melbourne, because you know what? Winter Is Coming! Source: NGV Photo: Photo by Mitchell Luo on Unsplash

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