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Beginning at this level, students can progress through to higher education. Unlike other ‘non-award’ English programs,  this “Award” course is nationally recognised by the Australian Government and internationally. At this level the outcomes are designed for those who require consolidation of advanced level English speaking and listening, reading, writing, literacy skills including digital literacy skills, and study skills in English prior to accessing a range of further study pathways including higher education. The purpose of this course is to develop communication and research skills and knowledge at a complex level together with knowledge of the Australian education system.


Entry Requirements

The minimum age of the student should be 18 years old or above. There are no limitations to entry based on gender, physical ability, social or educational background. Entry to the course is determined on the following criteria in order to place learners in the level appropriate to their proficiency in English language.
  • a participant’s current English language skills
  • a participant’s prior formal education experience
  • any prior ‘English as Another Language’ learning
  • a participant’s learning and further educational needs
Students must meet their Visa requirements.

Course Fees

  • Enrolment Fee:    AUD$200 (non-refundable)
  • Tuition Fees:    AUD$5,500
  • Fees include all material costs and learning resources.

Pathways and Further Study

Graduates from this course will be awarded a Certificate lV in EAL (Further Study) and may exit at an IELTS level 5.5 – 6.5. On successful completion, graduates may enrol in a Certificate lV or Diploma level industry qualification or a Degree program with a University or Higher Education Provider.

Course Delivery

28 weeks of total course duration (25 weeks classroom delivery + maximum 3 weeks of holidays) @ 20 hours per week made up of:
  • 16 hours teacher-led classroom delivery
  • 4 hours computer lab work with tutorial support. During this time students complete activities using the support program MyEnglishLab
  • Minimum 4 hours independent reading, study and/orproject work.
  • Distance learning is not available.
  • Day, evening and weekend classes available

Delivery Methods

  • Classroom with active involvement of all participants
  • English language text with easy to understand activities
  • Computer lab with tutorial support
  • Culturally sensitive to learners needs

Assessment Methods

Research, presentation, group discussion, role play, portfolio, peer-to-peer evaluation, interview, reading activities, writing activities, recordings of discussions.


Unit CodeTitle
VU21353 Research pathways and produce a learning plan and portfolio
Use language analysis skills to review own texts
Use critical reading and writing skills for further study
Take notes from complex aural texts for further study
Analyse and participate in complex spoken discourse for further study
Give complex presentations for further study
VU21512 Read and write complex texts for further study
Participate in online collaborative learning
VU21511 Read and write complex texts for research purposes

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